Below you will find the list of people who have endorsed the importance of positivity and financially helping us to spread the word and to make a start with positivating the world. SO A BIG THANKS TO THESE PEOPLE AND COMPANIES!

First of all, this bundling of positive strength is made clear in a documentary about this. Perhaps something is happening so that we can think about several initiatives in this context. We would like to hear suggestions. But it starts by connecting people who also think it is very nice and good to have more positive attitudes in this world!


Ronald Westland

Marco van Haaften

Wendy van Vooren

Jeroen van Linge

Annick Verkes-Jansenn

Rob Druppers

Jan Kars

Patrick Bovin

Harald Hilbelink

Nicole Heffels

Natarsha Rawlins

Simo Care

Ada en Gé de Gunst

Gerda van den Dool

If you also want to support this initiative, please take a look at our CROWDFUNDING page


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